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AIM Digital Media is proud to pave the way for a new, bold method of mobile outdoor advertising.  Bold, vibrant ads are beamed from twin LED screens mounted atop taxi cabs.  These ads rotate in a slideshow fashion every five seconds, constantly refreshing consumers with new, eye-catching content.  Quickly and effortlessly swap ads during the day or at regularly, pre-arranged intervals to generate the greatest number of impressions.  Our GPS-enabled software allows for targeting consumers at specific locations, times of day or even weather patterns, maximizing a marketing dollar’s return on investment.


Mobile, Digital Ads?

Easy Management

Forget faded, cracked or peeling advertisements. Digital ads are changed or rotated with the swipe of a button, with the added ability to track ad performance.

Targeted Campaigns

Geo-targeting and other intelligent triggers allow advertisements to reach the target audience and ensure an efficient use of marketing dollars.

Flexible Campaigns

AIM Digital Media offers simple, flexible monthly contracts that always offer the ability to upgrade a package and boost brand amplification at any time.

Intelligent Triggers

Smart Advertising

The AIM Digital Media platform offers intelligent triggers, a significant advantage over traditional, static advertising mediums. This includes preset conditions, including date, time, geographic location, ambient light or even weather conditions, that dictate the most relevant ads to be shown. Digital ads can also be edited or changed faster than traditional print, radio or television mediums.

Brand amplification with AIM Digital Media works best in tandem with an assortment of advertising methods.