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2015 Digital Outdoor Advertising Study

Discover how an AIM Digital Media advertising campaign can help amplify the effects of your entire marketing strategy.

Did You Know?

The average American drives 55 miles daily, or more than 1,000 miles each month.

Mobile, digital billboards are an effective advertising medium to reach these consumers as they hit the road. The five-second intervals are effective at grabbing attention and communicating a simple yet effective visual marketing message.

Did You Know?

8 out of 10 consumers are away from their homes for most of the day (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM).

AIM Digital Media reaches consumers in ways other outdoor advertising can't. Geo-targeting allows for ads to be displayed based on the location of the taxi, while other intelligent triggers account for time of day and even weather.

Did You Know?

90% of consumers can recall the marketing message recently seen on a mobile billboard.

AIM Digital Media merges the vibrant appeal of digital ads with the proven success of mobile billboards, which are able to travel in areas where advertising is traditionally expensive or otherwise prohibited.

Did You Know?

AIM Digital Media allows you to view the number of times and in which area your ad is shown.

Smart software tracks the time, date and location of each and every ad shown by AIM Digital Media, allowing companies to track the true effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.


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