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AIM Digital Media offers digital rooftop taxi advertising backed by powerful, GPS-enabled capability and ad-tracking software. Mobile, outdoor digital billboards go places other advertisements can't, and constantly attract the attention of consumers with vibrant, fresh content. This attractive, eye-level medium can also display ads based on the time, date, location, ambient light or even weather patterns. Learn how AIM Digital Media is innovating digital, mobile advertising.

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Our secret is in the software, which offers unprecedented access and transparency. Each digital sign is GPS-enabled, allowing geo-fencing that displays advertisements based on location of the taxi. Advertisements can be displayed at times and dates, which allows for the targeting of specific demographics, like early morning or late evening commuters.

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AIM Digital Media is driven by data. Digital advertising is more relevant than ever before, and when combined with the proven success of mobile billboards, offers advertisers nearly limitless potential. But don't take our word for it; we've compiled some Facts and Figures regarding the difference that digital, mobile advertising can make to a marketing strategy.

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